A legal responsibility, such as to repay a debt. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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obligation ob‧li‧ga‧tion [ˌɒblˈgeɪʆn ǁ ˌɑːb-] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. a legal or moral duty to do something:
obligation to do something

• I think companies should have a legal obligation to recycle their products at the ends of their lives.

• It's our obligation to provide a telephone service at the lowest possible cost.

• We've fulfilled our obligation to the creditors and shareholders.

• The firm failed to meet its contractual obligations (= do what the contract said it should do ) .

fiˌnancial obliˈgations [plural] FINANCE
payments that a person or organization must make:

• The company may fail to meet financial obligations and suggest a bankruptcy-law filing as an alternative.

2. be under an obligation to have to do something because it is a legal or moral duty:

• The water company is under an obligation to enhance drinking water standards.

be under an obligation be under no obligation to do something

• The government is under no obligation to finance the museum.

3. without obligation if you are invited to look at a product or service without obligation, you can look at it without having to buy it:

• This mortgage advice is completely free and without obligation.

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obligation UK US /ˌɒblɪˈgeɪʃən/ noun LAW
[C or U] a legal or moral duty to do something: »

a legal/moral obligation

an obligation to do sth »

There is a legal obligation to publish accounts.


We have an obligation to generate value for our shareholders.

an obligation to sb »

Under bankruptcy law, the company has an obligation to creditors.

be under (an) obligation »

You are under no obligation to accept damaged goods.

obligations — Cf. obligations
without obligation — Cf. without obligation
See also TAX OBLIGATION(Cf. ↑tax obligation)

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